Remedial Caulking

Thorough Caulk & Weather Sealant Removal & Replacement

Caulk and weather sealant sometimes need to be repaired or replaced as a building ages. These materials fail because of improper application, weathering, pollutants, building movement, ultraviolet radiation, and other less common factors. When caulk or sealant fails, it is good practice to find out why so that you can replace it with a material with more suitable properties.

Sealant Inspections & Field Testing

Universal Building Services, Inc. inspects your project carefully and usually in conjunction with a technical representative of a sealant manufacturer. We conduct field tests to determine the exact requirements for removal of field caulking, surface preparation, and application of the recommended replacement caulk or sealant.

Every Installation Step Is Quality Controlled

Our technicians then follow detailed specifications for operating procedures and quality control inspections to meet sealant manufacturer recommendations and building waterproofing requirements. We are so confident in the work we do that we offer warranties.

What We Service

Our weather sealant removal and remedial caulking services are available for the following structures in Washington, DC, and the surrounding area:

• Curtain Walls • Precast Panels • E.I.F.S Joints • Doors • Windows • Expansion Joints • Control Joints