Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Cleaning & Maintenance

Stainless steel is a bit of a misnomer. Although it resists rust and corrosion, it is by no means impervious to damage and corrosion from weathering, pollutants, and improper cleaning. Stainless steel can also suffer from scratching, gouging, and other damage.

About Cleaning & Types of Stainless Steel

The good news is that proper routine cleaning maintains stainless steel's optimal resistance to staining and corrosion. The UBS #400 specifications are designed to protect and maintain all types of stainless alloys and finishes, including the following two, used most commonly in architectural settings:

No. 4 Polished A general-purpose, polished finish obtained by finishing with 120 - 150 mesh abrasive grinding and graining.
No. 2 Bright Annealed A highly polished finish achieved by cold rolling followed by final annealing in a controlled atmosphere.

Additional Stainless Steel Services

Generally, stainless steel does not require a clear coating because of its inherent resistance to tarnishing. However, Universal Building Services, Inc. is capable of applying special lacquers or oil, which may be required for certain application or specified by building management. Our other stainless steel services in Washington, DC, and the surrounding area include the following:

• Refinishing & Restoration • Scratch Removal • Polishing • Maintenance