Architectural Coatings

Experienced Architectural Coating & Paint Application

Any surface exposed to the elements collects dirt and pollutants — and thus becomes soiled. Add to that the effects of ultraviolet radiation, moisture, and temperature and you get erosion, surface roughening, loss of gloss, staining, and discoloration of paint. In addition to marring the appearance of paint, these effects threaten its durability.

Restore the look of your building in Washington, DC, or the surrounding area with a premium coating system. Universal Building Services, Inc. has many years of experience in the field with paint application on all kinds of materials, including aluminum, steel, masonry, and wood. We also have expertise in many types of technology for the application of high-performance architectural coatings developed by leading companies in the industry.

Applications Coating Companies
Electrostatic Spray Systems Ameron Protective Coatings
Conventional Spray Systems PPG
Airless Spray Systems Texture Coating of America
High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Thoro
Multi-Component Spray Valspar
Brush/Roller Application Sherwin-Williams
Paint Roller