Construction Cleaning

Construction Cleaning

Owners and general contractors of commercial post-construction and renovation projects generally require turnkey cleaning services that are effective and efficient. Our general cleaning services result in first time client and customer satisfaction.

General Cleaning

  • Window Tape Removal
  • Remove /throw away packaging, plastic, labels


Vacuuming (*)
  • Vacuum and dust entryways and carpets
  • Vacuum and dust shelves and drawers
    *existing carpeting


Floor Mopping
  • Sweep, dust and mop floors and walls


Debris, Paint and Dust Removal (**)
  • Clean doors
  • Clean cabinet doors
  • Clean thresholds
  • Sweep and clean porch
  • Clean exterior lights/remove stickers
  • Pressure-wash doorways, decks, and porches
  • Dust and clean shelves and drawers
  • Clean appliances (in, out, under)
    **standard cleaning techniques, separate cost for special needs/situations
Kitchen (***)
  • Vacuum, dust, and clean shelving and drawers
  • Clean cabinet doors, tops of cabinets, glass, etc.
  • Scrub countertops, edges, and backsplashes
  • Dust-mop walls and floors
  • Remove and throw away all packaging, plastic, labels, etc.
  • Clean excess caulking, adhesion, and debris from sinks
    ***where items exist


Bath Cleaning
  • Clean cabinets, inside and outside
  • Clean toilets
  • Dust-mop walls
  • Clean mirrors and glass
  • Remove any stickers from toilet, bathtub, sink, etc.


Laundry/Garage/Utility Room
  • Clean cabinets inside and outside
  • Clean appliances inside and outside
  • Sweep and vacuum floors
  • Wipe clean furnace, water heater, and other utilities

What We Service

We deliver turnkey cleaning results. Call to discuss and schedule your cleaning needs and requirements.