Cleaning Exterior Vision & Spandrel Glass

Impeccable Commercial Window Cleaning

Exterior window glass must be regularly cleaned and maintained to prevent the buildup of dirt and pollutants. Additionally, materials such as alkaline runoff from concrete and masonry, oils and plasticizers bleeding from sealants, and inorganic oxides from metal panels can stain or damage the glass. Keep your windows and trim clean with our window washing and cleaning services.

Universal Building Services, Inc. washes interior and exterior windows for low- and high-rise buildings. We have the expertise and the equipment for the job, including the following:

• Suspended Scaffolding • Bosun's Chairs • Aerial Boom Lifts • Extension Poles • Sectional & Extension Ladders

Window Washing Service

Additional Exterior Vision & Spandrel Glass Services

In addition to washing your windows, we also remove tenacious soils and stains using abrasives, polish the glass to get rid of superficial scratches and imperfections, and provide regularly scheduled maintenance for anodized and painted metal trim. We also offer masonry cleaning and window washing services after construction has been completed in Washington, DC, and the surrounding area.