Brass & Bronze

Exquisite Architectural Brass & Bronze Cleaning

When architectural bronze is exposed to the elements, it tarnishes and turns brown. Brass, instead, oxidizes and turns green. These color changes are called a patina, which you may or may not care for. These metals, when used in lobbies, entrances, elevators, and other areas, may also become physically scratched and damaged.

Our Brass & Bronze Services

Any or all of these effects are issues that you can have removed with repair and refinishing services from Universal Building Services, Inc. We remove discoloration, scratches, gouges, and other physical damage, as well as refinish the surfaces with polishing and graining to achieve the desired finish and appearance. We offer the following services on satin, polished, mirror, and oxidized brass and bronze:

• Scratch Removal • Polishing • Cleaning • Refinishing • Restoration • Maintenance

Future Protection From the Elements

You can reduce future degradation of color and appearance — and the need for bronze and brass restoration — when you have us apply a protective coating to the brass or bronze. We recommend a clear lacquer coating, sealer, or wax for buildings in Washington, DC, or the surrounding area.