Anodized Aluminum

Thorough Anodized Aluminum Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Unique Process, Spread on technique, Clean & Seal
  • Protective-Finish Against Corrosion And Damage
  • Sealant Protects Metal Against Sun, Weather, Humidity

The natural beauty of architectural anodized aluminum is severely affected by weathering and exposure to wind-driven materials, such as sand, salt, dirt, and other atmospheric pollutants. You end up with roughened, stained, discolored, and corroded surfaces.

Anodized Aluminum Pitting Explained

Pollutants attach themselves to the surface and aluminum oxide forms from exposure to the elements. They combine to form an unsightly crust. If left on the surface, this crust causes pitting (craters or dots) over time.

Anodized Aluminum Panels Before On Right and After Cleaning On Left

Cleaning & Restoration

Let Universal Building Services, Inc. restore and protect anodized aluminum by removing the crust and sealing the surface, as well as performing regular maintenance. UBS #200 specifications have been developed to restore the appearance of severely weathered anodized aluminum surfaces properly. We have used these procedures successfully on hundreds of buildings in accordance with the aluminum industry standards.

Our trained and experienced workers employ the care required for wipe-on techniques and spray-on application in a cost-effective manner for your high- or low-rise building in Washington, DC, or the surrounding area. We offer restoration and routine maintenance services for the following types of anodized aluminum finishes:

• ALCOA Alumilite
• ALCOA Duranodic
• Kaiser Kalcolor
• All Electrolytic Colored Finishes