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Restorative Aluminum Wall Cleaning

Highly durable aluminum curtain walls are frequently installed with a fluoropolymer painted coating. Combined, these materials make for a long-lasting exterior that can withstand a lot of neglect. However, factory-applied fluoropolymer coatings, like all coatings exposed to pollutants and airborne contaminants, are not entirely maintenance-free. Over time, ultraviolet radiation, moisture, temperature, and exposure to wind-driven materials — such as sand, salt, dirt, and hail — take their toll. The paint gradually degrades, and you see chalking, film staining, erosion, discoloration, and loss of gloss.

Aluminum Panels Showing Before On Left and After UBS Restoration On Right

Specialized Preservation & Maintenance for Painted Aluminum

Because paint coatings are soft compared to other aluminum finishes such as anodized finishes and porcelain enamels, manufacturers recommend that painted surfaces be cleaned on a periodic basis. Universal Building Services, Inc. employs specialized cleaning methods that remove tenacious soils and pollutants without damage in Washington, DC, and the surrounding area. UBS #100 specifications have been developed to address the specific requirements for removal of heavy tenacious soils, stubborn stains, and discoloration.